Submission Information


NEW - Deadline Extended:  Due to popular demand, the workshop paper submission deadline has been extended to May 27.

Poster submissions should be extended abstracts no more than 4 pages in length (in KDD format, do not need to be anonymous).  Extended abstracts should be submitted by May 27th 11:59 PM PDT. Templates for submissions can be found here

Submissions can be made via CMT here

Links to submissions from previous years:

  1. 2014 papers here

  2. 2015 papers here

Accepted Papers:

Poster Session 1 (Morning):

  1. SportsNetRank: Network-based Sports Team Ranking [pdf]

K. Pelechrinis (Pitt), E. Papalexakis and C. Faloutsos (CMU)

  1. Applying Deep Learning to Basketball Tracking Data [pdf]

R. Shah  (UIC) and R. Romijnders (Eindhoven Uni. of Tech.)

  1. Spatio-temporal Analysis of Tennis Matches [pdf]

S. Mora and W. Knottenbelt (Imperial College London)

  1. QPass: a Merit-based Evaluation of Soccer Passes [pdf]

L. Gyarmati and R. Stanojevic (QCRI, HBKU)

  1. Cricket Prognostic System: A framework for real-time analysis in ODI cricket [pdf]

A. Verma and M. Izadi (Broadcast Solutions Group, Singapore)

  1. Shot Recommender System for NBA Coaches [pdf]

R. Wright, J. Silva and I. Kaynar-Kabul (SAS)

  1. The Competitive Effects of PEDs: MLB in the Post-testing Era [pdf]

S. Brave and K. Roberts (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)

  1. Using FIFA Soccer Video Game Data for Soccer Analytics [pdf]

  2. L.Cotta, P. Vaz de Melo, F. Benevenuto and A. Loureiro (Uni. Federal De Minas Gerais)

Poster Session 2 (Afternoon):

  1. The Difference Between Leisure and Competitive Squash [pdf]

L. Toka, B Lajtha, E. Hosszu (TMIT, BME), A. Beleczki (ELTE), I. Godor (Ericsson Research, Budapest)

  1. Towards a Big Data Solution for Analyzing the Reputational Impact of the Tennis Italian Open [pdf]

E. Oro, M. Ruffolo (CNR, Italy)

  1. The Automated General Manager [pdf]

P. Maymin (Vantage Sports and University of Bridgeport)

  1. Learning Long-term Planning in Basketball Using Hierarchical Memory Networks [pdf]

S. Zheng (Caltech)

  1. Strategy Discovery in Professional Soccer Match Data [pdf]

J. Van Haaren and J. Davis (KU Leuven) and S. Hannosset (Stirr Associates)

  1. Method to their March Madness: Insights from Mining a Novel Large-Scale Dataset of Pool Brackets [pdf]

M. Wright (Uni of Michigan)

  1. Racially Differentiated Language in NFL Scouting Reports [pdf]

C. Boylan, R McMahon and B. Monroe (Penn State)